Inde Black on Dominating the World of R&B and Hip-Hop

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Aside from being a reliable tool for entertainment and amusement, music has always served as a cathartic medium for sending across profound messages and an impetus for inspiring action and touching lives across the globe. In the case of up-and-coming singer Jeffery Anthony Durham Jr., more prominently known as Inde Black, music is a catalyst of change. Because the craft has made a difference in his journey, it has become his mission to influence others for the better through his artistry. 

Determined to strike a meaningful impact on the lives of listeners worldwide, Inde Black stepped into the challenge of harnessing his musical flair and unleashing his remarkable talent. This emerging artist is now gracing the music scene with his outstanding skills and unyielding commitment to his lifelong passion. Immensely fueled by his desire to spark joy, he continually takes significant strides to revolutionize the realm of R&B and hip-hop. He is bound to release his latest single, “Miami,” on February 12 of this year.

Widely acknowledged for his songs and other creative outputs, Inde Black has recognized that music is something that comes naturally to him. As someone who has always been attuned to rhythms and beats, he believes that his craft will remain standing at the core of the person he will be in the future. For this reason, he strives to take his skills and abilities to greater heights and pushes himself to keep expanding his horizons. 

Hailing from Camden, New Jersey, Inde Black has been garnering accolades for his works as a singer, songwriter, producer, and studio engineer. As can be gleaned from his music, this multifaceted figure focuses more on the vibes he gives off. However, he still makes an effort to keep lyricism as a strong suit in his artistry. 

Heavily influenced by old-school R&B and hip-hop, Inde Black’s music creates a nostalgic feeling that keeps fans and listeners up on their toes. One of his striking features is his ability to paint vivid pictures for people through his songs. This characteristic allows the artist to set himself apart from the sea of musicians in the industry. He also draws inspiration from musical greats like PARTYNEXTDOOR, Eric Bellinger, and Tory Lanez. 

Ever since he dipped his toes into the industry, Inde Black has been receiving nods from listeners because of his ability to make people feel empowered. Thus, he has successfully established himself as an innovator who intends to transform the music scene through his discography and distinct rap style. 

In the coming years, Inde Black sees himself standing at the helm of a record label company that will house a plethora of artists, writers, producers, engineers, photographers, videographers, and many more. He wishes to use the said label as a platform for encouraging passion-driven individuals to go after their dreams. His goal is to prove that it is possible for people to do what they love for a living. “All it takes is hard work, persistence, and the ongoing determination to learn,” the artist said. 

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