Grimm Doza Inks Deal with Too Lost

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New Jersey-based hip-hop artist and producer GRiMM Doza recently inked an exciting deal with Too Lost, a digital music distributor and publisher, that will now be responsible for distributing and administering the artist’s entire music catalog. The collaboration between the two thriving brands is a promising move as GRiMM Doza is poised to come up with more remarkable projects this year following the release of his album titled GRiMM and Evil in 2020. 

As an artist, GRiMM Doza is popularly known for his dark and unique production, a distinct style that is rare in the hip-hop world as the genre is commonly characterized by the flashy lifestyle that many rappers maintain. GRiMM Doza, on the other hand, tends to deviate from this hip-hop norm and shows a different facet of hip-hop. He is best known for his hit songs 01 MANIKIN, I Can’t Fold, Jugg Walk!, Hell on Earth, Fallen Soldier/ Nobody, and Fog in the Mirror, to mention a few. 

He has worked with some of the industry’s most impressive producers to bring life to his creative vision. Collaboration is ingrained in the DNA of GRiMM Doza, making him one of the favorites among music producers in the music industry. In 2020, he collaborated with phenomenal instrumentalist SwuM on his single The Blade

Aside from GRiMM and Evil, GRiMM Doza released previous albums that include Say Less, Say Less 3, Spirit World, and Meet the Reaper

As a producer, GRiMM Doza has worked closely with promising artists that include Robb Bank$, Wifiisfuneral, XXXTENTACION, Retch, $uicideBoy$, and Ben Beal, among others. Interestingly, many artists are drawn to his signature moody, dark, and atmospheric production, giving them and their songs a distinguishable identity and quality. These attributes of GRiMM Doza’s work have developed a cult-like following among countless music fans all over the country. 

With Too Lost coming in the picture, GRiMM Doza will undeniably become the next music streaming sensation. The digital music distributor is widely known to work closely with independent artists and labels by providing them unlimited distribution worldwide. The company exists mainly to give an equal platform and high quality music distribution at an affordable cost to rising artists who do not have the resources of big music labels to back them up. If anything, Too Short makes worldwide music distribution seamless and very easy. 

This year promises to be another productive season in GRiMM Doza’s career, both as an artist and music producer, as he looks forward to establishing more collaborations such as the one he recently did with Lord Fubu for the single New Era. The short song has been well-received by hip-hop fans and critics alike for its cool vibe, making it a perfect jam for small parties or simply a quiet weekend at home. 

As GRiMM Doza elevates his music this 2021, hip-hop fans can expect awe-inspiring records to come out containing songs that will continue to achieve groundbreaking feats in various streaming platforms. 

Learn more about Grimm Doza by visiting this site. Follow him on Spotify to access his music.