Maxim Magazine’s Hottest DJ in LA, MoniKa Starling, Poised to Set the Music Industry on Fire with an Upcoming Album in the Works

MoniKa Starling
MoniKa Starling

The music industry is brimming with talented individuals who are constantly refining their craft and growing their audiences through their artistic expression. MoniKa Starling is among those talented individuals who continue to hone their musical careers and create groundbreaking music that can resonate with a worldwide audience. 

MoniKa Starling, named the “hottest DJ in LA” by Maxim Magazine, is an international touring DJ & singer whose Dance/Pop single “Breathe” debuted at #1 on iTunes’ top song charts – Asia. The renowned artist’s musical stylings are extremely distinct. She deftly combines strong and melodic sounds to seamlessly blend genres such as EDM, Modern Pop, Bollywood and International House Music, resulting in a truly unique genre of her own.

The esteemed musician has seen a lot of success touring and performing at various venues such as the Insomniac Events Academy LA, The Hard Rock (Miami), The W (Hollywood), Asilo, St. Regis Mumbai, Avalon Hollywood, and many more. MoniKa Starling has also spun at high-profile events for brands such as The Grammys, Apple, American Music Awards, LA Fashion Week, and LadyBaby (Japan Idol Pop). 

MoniKa Starling has lit up the main stages by opening for multiple DJ Magazine’s Top 100 DJs, such as Grammy Winner Cedric Gervais and BassJackers. The esteemed DJ has grown a massive reputation, allowing her to be featured in mainstream publications such as Forbes, Business Insider, Maxim Magazine, Yahoo, Esquire Network, and more. 

She has also worked with highly respected industry moguls in the music industry, such as Mike Clink, the widely revered producer most famously known for his work with rock legends Guns N’ Roses and Metallica. MoniKa Starling has also performed with super-producer Timbaland at Miami’s famous Art Basel Festival, after also having been in one of his popular music videos. 

In addition to her music, MoniKa Starling is also a published model who has appeared in several publications internationally. She has graced the pages of five different Maxim Magazine issues all over the world, done campaigns for products such as Old Spice, Avon Cosmetics, and has walked shows for renowned designers such as Bill Blass and Roberto Cavalli.

Nowadays, the esteemed DJ and model just recently returned from her second Asia DJ Tour 2021, which will be continuing in March 2022. She also performed with the famous Sunburn Festival brand in India, where she lit up the stage like she always does. This year marks another year of music for the talented DJ as she is set to release a brand-new album in April 2022, which is co-written and sung by MoniKa Starling herself.

MoniKa Starling is also poised to release a brand-new single entitled “You” on February 14, 2022. Fans should be on the lookout for these latest releases as MoniKa is positioned to set the music industry on fire yet again through her remarkable music. 

MoniKa Starling has also been keeping herself busy with the recent launch of her own brand called Starling World. The brand features many products designed by MoniKa Starling herself. Starling World is a store that features music, fashion, beauty, and art products. The brand is currently looking to open a physical store in Los Angeles to serve more customers and clients.

MoniKa Starling is indeed a darling of the music industry. Her success in many aspects of her career has been truly remarkable. Her star is only going to shine brighter as the years go by, and it’s extremely exciting to witness the rise of a talented musician in this day and age.