Jonny Lucas: Music Industry Weekly’s Artist On The Rise

    Jonny Lucas - Music Industry Weekly
    Jonny Lucas - Music Industry Weekly

    In our new “Artist on the Rise” series, Music Industry Weekly will be highlighting artists that have gained a lot of momentum in their careers. The UK born Alternative artist Jonny Lucas is someone we’ve been watching for quite some time now. He has been featured in several publications over the past several years due to his impressive continued success as an independent recording artist (including two MIW articles in October 2020 and May 2021. The 2021 follow up article by MIW was set in motion after our Editorial Team noticed that Jonny had reached over one million streams on Spotify in just a few short months.

    The end of 2021 marked the beginning of Jonny’s next big step in taking his music career to new heights. His single “Don’t You” caught the attention of Parabolic Records, a new independent record label looking to partner with up and coming artists. The song was written and produced by Jonny and co-written by English singer, producer and songwriter Roger Cook. Roger is best known for co-writing hit songs such as “I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing” by The New Seekers (that became part of American pop-culture when it was used in a Coke commercial). He also co-wrote “Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress” by The Hollies, along with a string of other hits recognized around the world. Roger became the first British songwriter to enter the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame. Jonny continues to regularly write with Roger and recently inked a deal with an agent to handle his song placements in film and television.

    Jonny Lucas and Roger Cook - Music Industry Weekly
    Jonny Lucas and Roger Cook – Music Industry Weekly

    Most people will agree that the past two years have been anything but ordinary. Jonny’s continued upward trajectory during these difficult times has been somewhat out of the ordinary as well. Like most artists, his live events took a back seat to restricted venus and cancelled shows. The silver lining was that he was able to spend day and night in his recording studio Round Corner Studios doing what he loves, which is writing and producing music. Jonny ended up releasing 12 songs that broke 1 million streams on Spotify. As he continued to write and produce, he created some of the best songs the has written to date. He decided to include a select handful of those songs in his highly anticipated EP fittingly titled “Out of the Ordinary.” The EP will be released on March 4th in partnership with Parabolic Records.

    Out of the Ordinary EP - Jonny Lucas
    Jonny Lucas has partnered with Parabolic Records to release his EP “Out of the Ordinary” on March 4th, 2022.

    Parabolic Records has partnered with Jonny on his new EP that is set to be released on March 4th. The tech-savvy record label has strategic partnerships with producers and songwriters behind some of the biggest recording artists and chart-topping songs that have been released over the past two-decades. Their reach goes far and wide in the music industry, to include close connections with creatives such as Scott Hansen of Digital Thunderdome. Scott is a well respected award winning music video producer and director, and is scheduled to produce and direct Jonny’s single “Out of the Ordinary” using Parabolic Record’s 360 video technology. The video will engage viewers in a fully immersive Virtual Reality environment and promises to provide music lovers with a unique experience.

    It goes without saying that Jonny Lucas is an Artist on the Rise with no end in sight as to how far he can go in his music career. Music Industry Weekly is proud to have played a role in sharing Jonny’s amazing talent with the world over the past two years through our publication. He is a remarkable example of what talented and humble artists can do when they remain focused on their craft and create incredible songs for people to enjoy. We look forward to giving our readers an update as Jonny continues to rise to levels that most artist only dream of.