UK Artist Jonny Lucas From Across The Pond Makes A Huge Splash In The USA

    Jonny Lucas - Music Industry Weekly
    Jonny Lucas - Music Industry Weekly

    British artist Jonny Lucas became a rising star in the UK performing at various sold out festivals such as Glastonbury and The Isle Of Wight Festival. His extensive touring created such a draw that music artists and industry executives were drawn to see the multi-talented force of nature in action. To his surprise, even the legendary Jimmy Page stopped by one of Jonny’s performances. When asked if he enjoyed the show Page stated, “I loved it! Watching Jonny Lucas perform his set with multiple instruments on his loop pedal was like watching a 5D experience!” That’s quite a compliment coming from someone who is arguably one of the greatest guitarists of all time.

    Jonny Lucas with Led Zeppelin’s Legendary Guitarist Jimmy Page

    With his eyes set on taking his unique brand and musical style to the USA, Jonny decided to head to Music City – Nashville, TN – also known as the songwriting capital of the world. He was immediately welcomed with open arms by some of the most respected songwriters in the music industry. Before he even had a chance to get fully acclimated to his new surroundings in America, Jonny found himself collaborating with songwriting legends such as Desmond Child (Bon Jovi, The Struts, Aerosmith) and Roger Cook (The Hollies “Long Cool Woman In A Black Dress,” The Fortunes “You Got Your Troubles”).

    Jonny immediately went to work on his debut EP to be released in the US which was received with critical acclaim. The project was produced and co-written with Lincoln Parish (Cage The Elephant), which was naturally infused with a Brit-pop vibe with and inspired by some of Jonny’s biggest influences, McCartney, Ray Davies, Pete Townsend, Bowie and Jeff Lynne.

    Fast forward to 2020 – Jonny has been working on what he believes to be his best work yet at Round Corner Studios in Nashville, TN. This latest project promises to deliver Jonny’s signature raucous guitars, sticky melodies, up beat hooks and an all round fresh, positive new energy. This project has been greatly anticipated by fans around the world and is soon to be unleashed in full force for a global release.

    MIW had a chance to sit down with the talented, humble and optimistic Jonny Lucas to ask him a few questions for our readers.

    MIW: You have such a distinct sound in your music and your voice. Who would you say are your musical influences?

    Jonny Lucas: I’ve been influenced by so many great artists musically that it’s hard to just name a few. If I were to just rattle off some of the artists that have had the biggest impact on my musical sound or style, I’d definitely say Tame Impala, Keene, Coldplay, Travis, Jeff Lynne, Ray Davis and Paul McCartney. There’s a lot more, but these are some of my biggest musical influences.

    MIW: Things have been crazy lately in midst of COVID and the pandemic. How has this affected you this year and what do things look like for you going into 2021?

    Jonny Lucas: 2020 has been a busy year for me even in the midst of COVID. There’s definitely been a complete shift in how I live my daily life. But I saw this time as an opportunity to do something I’ve always wanted to do. I’ve been able to build a full on recording studio that has been customized to function how I like to create and record songs. This has allowed me to spend more time developing my sound and I’ve been able to stockpile songs and cherry-pick the best ones to release. With 4 singles already out I’ve been enjoying seeing the momentum build this year as the Spotify streams are approaching nearly a quarter of a million. But there’s so much more in store for the rest of the year and going into 2021. I’m super excited about the future.

    Jonny Lucas at Round Corner Studios
    Jonny Lucas at Round Corner Studios

    MIW: Tell us more about your studio. That’s on every artist’s bucket list for sure.

    Jonny Lucas: Building Round Corner Studios has meant that I can finally take my time to really focus on getting the songs to sound exactly how I want. I’ve never been more excited about the way these new records are coming out. Normally the studio process can be rushed, especially when you’re paying by the hour and have label executives or A&R reps stopping by to take meetings. I really don’t mind it, but it kind of interrupts my creative flow. I finally have time to focus on just being creative which is amazing. I like the fact that I can also dig deep into new ideas and try things that I would have never tried before, such as experimenting with new and unique sounds. It’s completely liberating having my own studio.

    MIW: Can other artists record at your studio or collaborate with you?

    Jonny Lucas: Definitely. I make sure to block time to collaborate with other creatives. Many people don’t know this about me, but I went to university for sound production and engineering. I also produce, record, mix and master projects for other artists who are looking for a commercially viable sound. Since building the studio I’ve already turned out several successful projects. I love working with talented artists and helping them reach their full potential in the studio.

    MIW: Most of our readers are familiar with your music and knew that you are a talented recording artist, producer and songwriter. Now they know that you are also the owner of a recording studio and that you actually have a degree in sound recording. Can you tell our readers something personal about you that they probably don’t already know?

    Jonny Lucas: Sure, I make a mean lamb curry. Slow cooked, melt-in-your-mouth meaty goodness. If your readers save the single on Spotify and I’ll send them the recipe! lol

    MIW: That sounds pretty amazing, I have a feeling that we’ve got a lot of readers who are going to seriously take you up on that. That’s also a great segway into our next question. Can you tell us about your next single?

    Jonny Lucas: I just released my latest single called “What A Journey” and I’m really excited about it. My fans typically expect more upbeat songs from me, but a slow-tempo ballad just felt right for this particular song with so many people adjusting to a different world and a different life. I really put my heart and soul into this recording. Your readers can search my name “Jonny Lucas” in Spotify or even search “What a Journey” and look for my artist profile. I’d love for your readers to stop by and check it out.

    Jonny Lucas Single “What a Journey” on Spotify Now

    MIW: What’s next for Jonny Lucas?

    Jonny Lucas: I’m looking forward to sharing all of my new songs and will be doing a single-by-single release schedule. Your readers can follow me on Spotify while they are visiting so they can be the first to hear my next releases.

    MIW: How can our readers reach out to you and follow you on social?

    Jonny Lucas: I’d love to connect with your readers. Instagram, Facebook and Youtube are the best places to find me.