Jackie-of-All-Trades Jaclyn Brown Shares Why She Is a Rapper Apart from Anyone

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Most people have goals that they hold on to. Some want to become industry professionals—maybe a doctor or a lawyer or an engineer. While some pursue a career within the artistic lane—a singer, rapper, painter, or a dancer. Indeed, people want to get to a place where they can express themselves and unlock their potential. People spend years in school or on the field to master their specific careers. In a world of specialists, there are people like Jaclyn Taylor Brown who tread over multiple areas of expertise, a jack of all trades.

Brown is a full-time personal fitness trainer, a licensed real estate agent, a model, an actress, and a rapper. She doubles her 4-year day job as a trainer with her career in music, under the stage name Big Bad, short for Big Bad Wolf. When not in the gym assisting her clients, Brown is inside a studio collaborating with other artists to breathe life to tracks that ooze with character. In her musical pursuit, she wants to remain faithful to her identity and take risks for her craft. That way, people will gravitate toward her courage and transparency. 

The 26-year-old rising artist hails from Houston, Texas. As a child, she was very intelligent. She grew up with her nose stuck in a book, flipping through pages after pages of texts, with over 200 books at her perusal. Gaining vast amounts of knowledge, Brown embraced scores of recognition during her teenage years. She was crowned as the 2012 Miss Black Teen-Louisiana and received a community service award from the then-president Barack Obama. 

Several years later, Brown appeared in Forty magazine, where she shared her passion and her story for a two-page spread. Brown would later pursue a career in real estate while landing contracts for modeling and acting. 

In all her pursuits, she has gained a footing on personal training and rapping. Her Instagram account has over 13,000 followers and counting, and she never stops trying to improve her craft. As a jackie of all trades, Brown does not limit herself inside any box. She believes in her potential and believes that with perseverance, she can reach her desired destination. 

Skimming through hundreds of texts from her childhood until today, Brown possesses a bulk of vocabulary that she uses for her rap songs. Over the years, she has released several singles like Big Bad Wolf, Magic Beans, and Cause I Can. The tracks are available on major streaming platforms. She calibrates her songs to give listeners an idea of who she is. Through her music, she reaches out to her listeners with a message of diversity and empowerment. 

Apart from being an artist, Brown is vocal about socio-political issues, partaking in the echoing calls for the Black Lives Matter movement, and several other issues. Her artistry and visibility is a trademark of a real artist. She does what she can and when she feels passionate about it. While she is a model to follow, Brown encourages her listeners not to follow what she does but draw inspiration from her footsteps. 

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