K-jane Rising Above Challenges to Make a Name for Herself in the Music Scene

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To most people, music is more than just a hobby or pastime. It’s their life. For artist and songwriter, Zuri Wilson, nothing could be more true. 

Zuri, or also known by her musician name K-jane, is a sensational R&B and hip-hop star with a remarkable sound. K-jane’s songs carry a soulful and rhythmic tune that mesmerizes listeners, causing them to hit the repeat button over and over again. A prolific writer, K-jane has been writing, recording, and releasing songs since 2018. Some of her songs include titles like “Love Sick,” “Wet,” “Face Ass,” “Closer,” “Attention,” “Beautiful Soul,” “Goes Down,” “Love You More,” and “Slow Dancing,” among many others.

K-jane has also released her latest single, “Low Key.” The song comes as the artist’s second project with Bentley Records, an award-winning record label that has worked with some of the best artists and performers. In 2019, K-jane released an album with Bentley entitled “Vert-Worth,” which featured six five-star tracks. One of the album’s tracks, “Wet,” received its music video, which has been viewed 1,433 times on YouTube to date. 

The artist’s journey to music success has been far from easy. Early on, K-jane struggled with familial problems after her mother dropped her off her insurance after she expressed her plans of pursuing music as a career instead of law or medicine as her family would rather have it. K-jane also had relationship problems with her older sister, who told the artist that she would never amount to anything if she would go down this path. 

K-jane suffered from mental problems, dealing with an Attention Deficit Disorder, for which she got treatment. After being removed from prescriptions, however, K-jane found herself stuck in drug problems and developed a cocaine addiction. For most of her life, she felt alone and unloved. 

But ultimately, K-jane pushed herself to overcome the most significant trials and challenges. She chose to pick herself up from her lowest point and find a way to survive and even thrive. She found solace and acceptance in music. “When I was down at my lowest, It was music that brought meaning to my life, letting me know I indeed did serve a purpose,” shares the artist. “I love music because music loved me, even when my own mother did not. Music gives me life!”

Today, K-jane is on a mission to build a name for herself in music. She wants to show the world what she’s capable of and rise to the challenge. K-jane worked hard, always writing, recording, and releasing music. Her first big break was when she appeared on Next Level Music in 2016, performing the song “Why I’m Needed.” Soon after, K-jane connected with Bentley Records and signed a deal with the label to perform music for the company. 

K-jane is also a supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement, continually using her platform to bring to light the injustices against the African American population. 

To follow K-jane and her music, check out the artist’s work and life on Instagram and Spotify. Connect with her through both Facebook accounts, Zuri Wilson and K-jane.