Kendu Harrell on Unifying the World With the Power of Music

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Music has a unique way of suppressing chaos and bringing people together. And although we speak different dialects and act according to our distinctive traditions and cultures, music serves as the people’s universal language that unites us with each other. For a passionate musician like Kendu Harrell, what makes music truly all-encompassing is it possesses the ability to give the voiceless a chance to be heard and the unreadable an opportunity to express. Rooted in a mission to use rhythm and notes as a vessel of communication and understanding, Kendu brings out his impeccable talents to carry out his passion-driven pursuits.

Mostly known for his unorthodox approach to creating rhythmic notes and melodies, Kendu Harrell utilizes his roots and love for music to fill the world with peace, constant understanding, and harmonious relationships. To Kendu, the world is persistently divided because of the lack of good and proper comprehension between people. And as a result of this obstinate miscommunication, people fail to experience the true strength of unity amidst diversity. Driven to build connections between people to make the world a better place, Kendu uses the power of music to inspire others to reach out and motivate them to live a life that is steered towards empathic understanding.

Hailing from one of the world’s historical hot spots for innovation, Brooklyn, New York, Kendu Harrell has been pounding the pavement to revolutionize the music scene into something more worthwhile. His creative energy and unparalleled passion have encouraged him towards improving the craft. While others see the music industry as an ultimate propeller of wealth and fame, Kendu uses the power of melody as an instrument to unite people and embolden them towards strengthening ties and further understanding.

Determined to materialize his noble pursuit, Kendu Harrell began his compassionate journey by developing his craft, writing music, and creating songs in his makeshift studio about two years ago. He would listen to all kinds of music, ranging from rap, hip hop to reggae. Kendu particularly gains insight from talented artists such as Mos Def, Lupe Fiasco, Jcole, Andre 3000, and Kanye West. And because he continues to persevere in order to achieve his goal of unifying people from all shapes and sizes, he was able to produce his first E.P. entitled, “P.P.S. Pain. Poetry. Storytelling.” This passion project of his has been streaming in all platforms and music stores since its release.

Looking back at everything he has been through, Kendu Harrell is glad that he persevered for his dream of developing a world that is united with peace, empathy, understanding, and communication. Now, as he continues to create meaningful melodies, Kendu asks his fans and listeners to keep the faith and help him make the world a better place.

Kendu Harrell may have swept the industry with his impeccable talents in creating groundbreaking music. Still, it is in mobilizing people towards advocating for a greater purpose that truly won the hearts of many. As he continues to traverse a path filled with a promise of a better world, Kendu hopes to inspire others to follow suit.

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