Late-Night Hosts Tackle Roger Stone Arrest


Late-night hosts on Monday tackled the news headlines that Donald Trump associate Roger Stone was arrested early Friday morning and charged with lying about his association with Russian-hacked emails damaging to Hillary Clinton’s 2016 election bid.

Their bits followed Saturday Night Live’s t reatment of Stone’s arrest the previous weekend, in a cold open that saw Steve Martin playing the Republican operative.

On   The Daily Show,   host Trevor Noah, after explaining the news, joked that Stone looked how Vice President Mike Pence would look after a drink. He explained that the big question in Mueller’s investigation is whether or not Trump coordinated with  WikiLeaks  to release Clinton’s hacked emails.

“In his indictment, Mueller says that Roger Stone was directed to contact WikiLeaks by someone in the Trump campaign. Now was that someone Donald Trump? We don’ t know. But if it wasn’t Trump you would expect his visitors to come out and say therefore , but instead they are avoiding the question like it’ s a French poetry reading, ” Noah joked.

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert took things up a notch with a parody video of Cops. In the spoof, a cop details Stone’s arrest. “We’ re here to arrest Roger Stone. He’ s easy to spot because he dresses such as a Dick Tracy villain. That he also has a tattoo of Richard Nixon on his back, and I believe, a Henry Kissinger tramp stamp, ” he says. “I’ m actually pretty excited we’ re arresting him because I picked him for my collusion fantasy league. I’ ve got Stone, Jared and Gary Busey — he’ s a wild card nonetheless it could pay off big. ”

Over on Late Night, host Seth Meyers joked, “Remember, Trump brags that he only hires the best people, calls the Russia investigation a hoax, calls CNN fake news and his government shutdown left FBI agents without pay. So it was especially ironic when among Trump’ s closest associates was arrested by unpaid FBI agents working for the special counsel in the Russia investigation and the whole lot was caught on tape by CNN. ”

He added, “The only way that could have already been more humiliating for Trump is if Robert Mueller celebrated by eating a Happy Meal at McDonald’s on a date with Stormy Daniels. ”

Continuing his train of considered unpaid FBI agents, Meyers joked, “Imagine being this asshole that FBI agents will come into work and arrest you for free. ”

On The Tonight Show, host Jimmy Fallon noted that Stone has a tattoo of Richard Nixon on his back. “If you think that’s bad, check out the tattoo Trump just got, ” that he said, showing a Photoshopped image of Trump with a Vladimir Putin right back tattoo.

The Tonight Show also pulled video of Stone’s post-arrest interview with CNN’s Chris Cuomo; Fallon noted that “it really appeared as if Stone was blinking a lot” during the Q& A, and his team had added a “ding” sound to every blink to prove it. After playing the footage with sound, Fallon joked, “Wow, that’s Morse code for ‘Pardon me. ‘”