Tim Da Jeweler Establishes Top-rated Jewelry Design Business

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Hip-Hop culture has played a huge role in how people see jewelry today. Many jewelers have thrived on the Hip-Hop culture and craze for jewelry also called “Blings” in the Hip-Hop lingo. Tim Da Jeweler is one of such jewelers, and today he has a flourishing business showing the world that anything is possible with hard work and dedication.

Operating from the Bay Area in California, Tim Da Jeweler started his journey into jewelry from sales. He bought a pair of earrings while working for an insurance agency, and it struck him that he could buy jewelry and resell it. This spurred him to research, and he started looking for suppliers that could make jewelry for him and brand it with his brand name. This gave birth to TSV Jewelers, his first jewelry venture, which operated strictly online and served customers within and outside the United States.

As TSV Jewelers began to grow, Tim decided to take a look at designing his products by himself. His brand’s name changed to Time Da Jeweler, and he opened a showroom that clients could walk in to meet him physically and discuss their specific needs and requirements for their jewelry. Beyond designing and selling jewelry, Tim Da Jeweler is an astute businessman who has applied some important business rules on his journey to becoming a top jewelry designer in California. In his words, “An entrepreneur should have the right mindset, proper time management and learning to work smarter instead of harder.”

Tim Da Jeweler’s plan for his business is to incorporate more art into his custom work to attract more customers and showcase his work to the world on a bigger scale. He also plans to start video production to create videos that show his upcoming products and the exciting experience of working in the jewelry industry. “I feel the more content I release, it will get me closer to my customers /followers and will grow into business relationships and more sales.”

The Tim Da Jeweler brand has thrived over the years by staying ten steps ahead of others. In his words, “I am a constant serial thinker and come up with ideas daily to improve my business. With this mindset, I do not look at competition as seriously as my competitors look at me.” When he got into the business, he was trying to grow too fast and making moves that he should be making at the latter stages of his business. He also had to learn about the financial side and how his business numbers could improve. Tim Da Jeweler as a brand is the product of a lot of research and work, and if Tim has to do it all over again, he says he would.

In the ever-changing jewelry industry, Tim Da Jeweler is one of the jewelry makers who constantly stay up to date with the industry’s styles and trends. With his experience in business, Tim has one piece of advice for all intending entrepreneurs, and that is to stay longer in school and learn more about business.

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