DJ Nicky Rizz: The Story Behind “Ay Papi”

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With the ongoing global Covid-19 pandemic that saw governments impose sanctions and lockdowns forcing people to stay home, DJ Nicky Rizz released his first track “Ay Papi,” which was a huge success. It got played in 76 countries around the world and had huge success in Colombia and Spain. In addition to this, it became a big hit in New York City. “Ay Papi” is now officially on all music streaming applications such as Spotify, Amazon Play, Apple Music. It has beats so good that nothing can stop you from dancing all day. Quarantine has seen him utilize his talent seeing entertainment joints like clubs experiencing indefinite closure. This closure did not hinder him from going for what he wanted: his vision of swaying the world with his music. His new song release was out of what people know him for, DJing; however, the beats got everyone to their feet, dancing.

The story behind “Ay Papi” is an interesting one. Originally, the song had lyrics sung over the beats. However, the beats seemed too good, and the artist singing over them would only dim them. Hence, DJ Nicky Rizz’s decided to remove the vocals and remain with the hook “Ay Papi.” Before what the world got to hear as “Ay Papi,” various versions were made, and he finally landed on the one with no vocals, only beats. It’s an actual work of art, and currently, DJ Nicky Rizz is enjoying his work’s fruits, with the release being a hit internationally.

In a previous interview, DJ Nicky Rizz stated that he foresees more records in his work. With the gradual opening of entertainment joints, as a new member of the Heavy Hitters Crew and on its lineup of nightclubs as the guest DJ in Shade 45, he hopes for music festivals with more music and more venues worldwide. He expressed his excitement about going back to work and traveling around the world, rocking in clubs. The 24-year-old hopes to grow as a DJ and a brand, and hopefully, one day, his audience will hear him on prime time radio.

He attributed his success and growth to his mentor and introduced him to the Heavy Hitters crew, DJ Camillo. Like every other renowned artist, their success stories do not leave out their mentors who shape and propel them in the right direction, either literally or otherwise. It is no different when it comes to DJ Nicky Rizz. It is not every day that a 24-year-old DJ would have his song played internationally and become a global sensation. Whatever happens behind the scenes with these two DJs is paying off well for Nicky, and we hope to have him continue rising and not just rising, but fast and eventually take over the industry. Joining a group like the Heavy Hitters is more of a motivation to get higher than what he has achieved so far; more airplay, more hits, more good vibes is what we see when we think of DJ Nicky Rizz.

While complimenting him on what makes him so different, DJ Wallah says that his drive and determination make him fit for the Heavy Hitter DJ crew. However, it is not because of what they can do for him but what he brings to the table. Even as his song “Ay Papi” gets to grace the ears of listeners in over 76 countries, that is all DJ Nicky Rizz; that is how far his drive has propelled him. If this is only his first single release and the beginning of his adventure as one of the youngest Heavy Hitters, how great would he be in, say, 2 to 3 years? How much airplay would he be receiving then? Inasmuch as starting at such high levels sets the bar even higher, the sky is not even the limit, and the range for success is infinity. It only challenges him to go for more and achieve the most in the industry at such a young age.

He has versatility in his work, with hip-hop being his favorite genre of music, and he sees five artists as the greatest musicians of all time: 50 Cent, Jay Z, Pop Smoke, Biggie Smalls, and Lil Baby. Yet his song is a new genre called Guaracha, which seems to be taking over the world by storm. He would wish to one day talk with DJ Khaled. This goes without saying just how much he would like to achieve in life with hopes of headlining soon in music festivals and making crowds go crazy with “The Box” by Roddy Rich and “All I Do Is Win” by DJ Khaled; DJ Nicky is set out for greatness. We are here for every single piece of it, all the wins.

DJ Nicky Rizz is on social media as @djnickyrizz for Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. His apple music & Spotify is listed under just “Nicky Rizz.”