Tray Milz Bringing a New Twist to the Music Industry

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It seems like a challenge for some artists to find their way to the spotlight in a world of multi-talented people, but for Tray Milz, his undeniable passion for music makes him an exception. 

Trayron Lennoris Milton Jr., popularly known as Tray Milz, is a singer-songwriter, actor, and upcoming model from Savannah, Georgia. He is also a college student at the Georgia Southern University.

Tray’s musical journey is not an overnight success story but rather a tale of unfaltering passion and determination. His love for all areas of entertainment has been evident ever since he was a child.

At 14, he went on tour with Mindless Behaviour and OMG Girlz group as a backup dancer. He also modeled on the New York Fashion Week runway and was spotted in a  few movies.

Now a music prodigy at 21 years old, Tray is no stranger to the entertainment business. He explores his passion further as he draws his inspiration from accomplished pop icons the likes of Chris Brown, Usher, and Trey Songz. The young singer/songwriter ventures into the R&B game to bring raw, relatable, and captivating rhythm and blues to this golden age. 

Dedicated to taking his career to even greater heights, Tray’s debut album 21 was released on September 25 and is already gaining numbers in view. Two singles from the album, titled “Someone Else’s Girl” and “Somebody,” feature Flau’jae. The melodic, lyrical compositions of the album established Tray as a musical explorer within the R&B landscape as he shares his deepest thoughts and emotions.

Tray’s unique artistry and showmanship is a spectacle to behold, reflecting his eclectic taste and humor. His melodic sound will tug at heartstrings, taking listeners to the pop side of R&B and staying in their heads long after they have heard them. It makes one wonder how so many catchy sounds could be coming from one person’s mouth.

Tray wants to make music for lovers of classic R&B and for the dreamers of the world who still believe in true love and are rooted in their emotions.

Another unique factor that Tray brings with him as a multi-talented musician is a remarkable ability to write his songs. It is all about the music for him as he strives for his compositions to have memorable melodies that yield compelling lyrics that evoke beautiful emotions in his listeners.

Tray Milz’s five-year goal is to share his music with crowds at concerts and festivals, leading them as they sing along to his songs. The young artist hopes to build his career and become an established artist, like the pop stars that inspire him.

He hopes to create music that will actualize his dream as an acclaimed singer, impact, and make a difference in his audience’s lives worldwide.

To learn more about Trayson Lennoris Milton Jr., you may visit him on Instagram.