Elvis Costello Provides Update on Cancer Scare


Elvis Costello had an interview on the show ‘CBS This Morning.’ Apart from his live performance on the show Elvis Costello gave an update on his battle with cancer.

When a small but very aggressive cancerous malignancy was discovered on Elvis Costello, he was forced to cancel several performances on medical grounds.

In the interview, Elvis Costello revealed that he was making a full recovery. Elvis Costello pointed out that he was happy that the malignancy was discovered early. He had a surgery operation to remove it.

Elvis Costello said that his health issue was not as serious as it seems. He said a lot of fans, friends and family had blown things out of proportion. Costello revealed that he was receiving a lot of letters for three weeks. He said he wasn’t dying, and people should not worry about him.

Elvis Costello explained his feelings about Cancer and how it affects those with it and their families.
Costello also talked about the album he was working on with his band, The Imposters. The album was titled ‘Look Now,’ and the album is going to be a means of pushing his sound into new territory.

Costello understands that this may alienate some of his fans and he knows that some of them might feel horrified at the decision to push his music past current boundaries and try out new things. He explained that a lot of people are used to seeing him within a certain territory, and they freak out if he tries new grounds.

The new album will contain two songs which were co-written with Burt Bacharach. Elvis Costello performed three live tracks on the show. The tracks include ‘Unwanted Number’ and ‘Suspect My Tears’ which are new tracks. Videos of the performance can be seen on CBS This Morning YouTube page.

The new album, ‘Look Now’ was released a month ago. It is the first album that Elvis Costello will release with the Imposters since ‘Momofuku’ that was released in 2008. It is also Elvis Costello’s first album since ‘Wise Up Ghost’ which he released in 2013. ‘Wise Up Ghost’ is a collaboration with The Roots.

The album has been teased for a while by Elvis Costello who explained that he needed to return to the Studio after embarking on the Imperial Bedroom & Other Chambers’ tour in the United States last summer.

‘Look Now’ features ‘Burnt Sugar Is So Bitter,’ which is a song that Elvis Costello wrote with Carole King. He explained that he met Carole King while on tour with Bob Dylan in 995. They had gotten to Dublin, Ireland and Carole King was in the band.

Costello got news of the cancer malignancy 75% finished into the recording of ‘Look Now.’ But he said that did not affect him in any way. It only pushed him to work harder on the album till it was completed.

The album turned out to be one of his best-received albums, and the collaborations with Carole King and Burt Bacharach were well received.