Success Tips for the Indie Artist


This is an excellent time for artist that want to go it alone and position themselves to achieve greatness in the music industry. But as an independent artist you must be able to stand out from the crowd. How can you achieve this? Highlighted below are some tips you can implement to be a successful independent artist.

<strong>1. Connect with your fans</strong>
Building a nice relationship with the people who love your music is a great way to achieve more success as an independent artist. You have to continually engage your fan base and connect with them on all platforms where they flock. This engagement will be online and offline if you want to be consistent in their minds.
One of the ways to connect offline is playing at live events at various venues and locations. When you ace the live shows, you will be winning over the hearts of new fans and also keep the old ones on your coolade. Ensure you make a long lasting good impression in the minds of your audiences when performing live.
You should also engage your fans online by posting interesting posts regularly on all your social media pages such as Instagram, Facebook and twitter. This is where you can interact with your fans from all over the world and continue to build your fan base. If anybody says something nice about you, be sure to acknowledge and thank them.

<strong>2. Stick to what you are good at</strong>
Quickly identify your strong points and play to these strengths. You don’t have to go the same route as every artist out there. While some people will sing a good song and drop it on Ditto Music to make sales, you can easily go a different route if you know you are stronger in other areas.
Stage presence might be your strong suit and you can perform at a local venue or event. You can get regular gigs to put your music out there in front of new people every week and earn some cash at the same time. If you are good at making videos and editing visuals you can start making music videos and posting online. Anyone of them can go viral and boost your music career to the next level.

<strong>3. Don’t wait all your life for a record deal</strong>
Music deals do not come knocking at your door and no one is going to do the ground work for you. Do not assume that any big label knows your name and will come to you with a deal. Don’t assume they have all the answers to the music business either.
We have seen artist sign up with big labels and end up not releasing any music. These labels can drop you as quickly as they sign you. Also no big label will even consider you if you don’t already have a track record of success no matter how little so focus on getting your own game up and letting the people know you. Things will eventually fall in place.

There are so many tips to be followed asides from the ones mentioned here. But the summary of it all is to work hard, stay focused and stay current with the times. You can’t go wrong with this mindset.