Dancing on The Blue Star: A Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader’s Holiday Dream

Kalyssa Alynn
Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader: Kalyssa Alynn

Thanksgiving… This word originates all sorts of memories: family, turkey, pie, and football.  Not just any football, but Dallas Cowboys Football is one of the most famous Thanksgiving traditions we have in America.  It’s no wonder why the Dallas Cowboys are America’s team, but America’s Sweethearts are the icing on the cake—or should we say pie! Who are America’s Sweethearts, and what makes them the best?  The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, the Ultimate Cheerleaders in the world, have changed Thanksgiving football forever. Kalyssa Alynn was a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader and will share an inside look of everything that occurs on each Game Day as a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader.  Kalyssa practices for up to 4 hours each day during the week to practice all of the routines and work on coordination needed for Game Day.

The Dallas Cowboys Thanksgiving football game has a kickoff at 3:30.  Kalyssa and the rest of the Cheerleaders were required to meet at the official Cowboys training facility in Frisco, The Star, at 10am.  Now, this is not rolling out of bed and showing up in sweats – this is full make-up, hair done, and looking incredibly beautiful. The entire Cheerleader Squad boards a luxury bus and rides together every game to the AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas.   Kalyssa heads directly into a special locker room that is just for the Cheerleaders. At this point, Kalyssa was required to become game and TV camera ready, which means that “Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders look” for make-up and hair, Big and Bold.

Kalyssa now would get into the cheerleader uniform, not the game uniform, but the practice uniform and even practice white boots.  Kalyssa has 2 pairs of boots-one for practice and one for the Game. The idea was that the Game Day Boots and Game Day Uniform had to look perfect and brand new every week.  It was now time to start the Pre-game run-through and practice every detail and possible moments that could occur during the game. This practice was done on the field and was done before the fans arrived, or even most of the players.  During this 2 hour practice, the entire squad would practice the following: iconic tunnel entrance, the famous walk across the field right before kickoff, triangle routine formation, kickline with jump split, and end of quarter dance routines performed on all four corners of the field.   Every detail would be practiced until it was perfect. Kalyssa was on the end of the kickline, this means that her performance could not hide in the middle of the line, most people would focus on the Cheerleader on the end of the line, so this was an extra important responsibility and pressure for her.

After the Pregame Practice was completed, the Squad would now head back to the locker room where there was now about 2 hours before kickoff.  It was now time to change into the Game Day uniform, the white shorts that match the white vest-both with the blue stars, the royal blue blouse with diamond lapels, the silver belt buckle and don’t forget the famous white boots that finish off the most famous Cheerleaders in the world.  Kalyssa’s make-up and hair were done again for the 3rd time for the day. Every detail was required to be perfect. It was now time for each individual Cheerleader to prepare themselves for the first performance of many in front of 105,000 fans at the stadium plus millions watching on TV. This was the time that Kalyssa would stretch and many of the girls would do individual dance walk-throughs in their head to mentally get ready for Game Time.

Now, The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, worldly known as America’s Sweethearts, would head to the player’s entrance tunnels and wait for the cue to enter the Field.  It was time for one last deep breath, then the sound of “Thunderstruck” the song fills the entire stadium. Kalyssa and the rest of the Squad gracefully dance with power onto the field and it’s time for Kick-Off.  Go Cowboys!

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