DJ Jerzy Marches to the Beat of Positivity and the Goodness of Mankind Through His Groundbreaking Music


Musicians these days are often lured by the glitz and glamor of the industry, despite having the power to incite instrumental change upon the world through their artistry. However, Jerzy Roginski Jr. isn’t cut from the same cloth as the typical musicians we see today. He wants to use his music to positively impact the world, and he is making great strides with the way things are going. 

Jerzy Roginski Jr., more famously known as DJ Jerzy, is a musical artist who wanted to pursue a musical career because he believed in a powerful cause. He wants to spread a positive message of change through his influence in the music industry. He wants to show the world that it’s okay to be vulnerable, and at the same time, he also wishes to spread awareness on the plague of mental health issues that are rampant in the world around us.

DJ Jerzy is extremely passionate about his cause and his music. He firmly believes that music is bigger than himself, which is why he is using the power of music as an instrument to amplify his voice and inspire other people to join him in the battle against global issues such as poverty, segregation, climate change, and violence. 

To further his goals, DJ Jerzy co-founded the artist management company called Parabolic Moves. He did this alongside his partner Salo Sion who vowed to venture with him to coach and mentor other budding artists. Parabolic Moves is more than just a company. It is a family that helps support one another through artistic growth and development. 

Parabolic Moves fully embodies its motto, “Setting artists free eternally,” by fostering a community of real and genuine artists who want to help one another achieve their respective goals. As an artist himself, DJ Jerzy has managed to build his own reputation by growing his SoundCloud to over 5 million streams, earning him a verification badge and placing him in the top 5% of SoundCloud artists in the entire world. 

He has also managed to sign with a major label for his release entitled “Remember” with HEXAGON and FRESHSQUEEZE. DJ Jerzy has definitely put himself on the map by earning success after success. Nowadays, he has been keeping himself busy by managing several top-tier artists and helping them establish their own brands and build their careers.

Parabolic Moves is famous for its uncanny work ethic, achieving so much in a span of six months with no plans of stopping any time soon. The company works intelligently, quickly, and diligently to produce real results. Ultimately, the company is all about building long-term relationships and genuine bonds with others. 

Admittedly, DJ Jerzy says that he was motivated to build his brand because he knew deep in his soul what it took to become a successful artist. “We made it our mission to make it as easy as possible to set artists free,” says Jerzy. “Since then, we have built a network of relationships, as well as a team of extremely talented breakthrough artists,” he added.

Parabolic Moves has a reputation that precedes the company, the team has conducted various shows, and music festivals; and they have more in the works, bringing something the world has never seen before. “In the end, it’s all about love and spreading a good message through music. We believe in the good of mankind, and we really want to make a difference,” says DJ Jerzy. “If we’re not here for each other, then what are we here for?” he added.

Find out more about the amazing DJ Jerzy by visiting his official website. For live updates, follow him on his Instagram account and Spotify.