Phonetic Jawn Drives Societal Change Through Artistry and Spirituality


Even though society, at its current state, has come a long way to uphold women’s rights and promote their welfare, there is still a lot of room for improvement, particularly in terms of acknowledging and respecting their standing. In recognition of the need to highlight women’s importance and current state in the world, Io Midori, better known as the artist Phonetic Jawn, has made it her mission to bring about world peace and balance between the divine feminine and masculine energy on earth through her brand Phonetic Jawn.

A native of Memphis, Tennessee, this inspirational icon is a graduate of Southern New Hampshire University, where she earned a degree in English language and literature with a minor in philosophy. She went to graduate school at the University of Texas at Rio Grande Valley, majoring in English language and literature/Mexican American studies. 

Phonetic Jawn has always been a brand associated with this multifaceted personality, but it was officially established when she realized that her skill set and mindset could be of better use away from corporate America, a field that she had been in since eighth grade. From being an intern at the radio station in her hometown to becoming a college representative for Def Jam Records during college, she has been exposed to the music industry long enough that Phonetic Jawn has been able to observe issues within the sector. And all of her experiences contributed to where she is right now. 

This forty-one-year-old goddess takes pride in being able to say that she is Goddess Isis manifested. Having been able to unearth her purpose, she is now at the service to others and stands as the founder of the Goddess Rehabilitation Center and Goddess Institute, the former of which caters to women and children who are currently homeless or are survivors of sex trafficking and abuse. Meanwhile, the Goddess Institute is a platform for women and children to learn their true nature as queens and goddesses, and it teaches men how essential it is to respect the divine feminine energy within the world. 

Dedicated to helping people understand the impact of the oppression, abuse, and disrespect of the feminine energy, Phonetic Jawn raises awareness about the ways to establish world  peace and create a safer space for women through her freestyling, abstract art, poetry, culinary arts, spiritual life coaching, and writings. She banks on her decades of experience to be an effective leader for change, capitalizing as well on her abilities and understanding of multiculturalism, which were honed thanks to her participation in programs such as the Bridges Leadership Conference and the Gandhi-King Conference on Peacemaking. 

Phonetic Jawn boasts a highly-acclaimed venture, available online, that provides a variety of services, including commissioned painting consultation, chef services consultation, spiritual life coach session, tarot card reading, pendulum reading, and more. All of these offerings are intended to bring about divine change in the lives of people worldwide. 

Armed with a global mission, Phonetic Jawn plans to continue making a difference through her philosophies and services. And hand in hand with her brand as well as with the Goddess Rehabilitation Center and Goddess Institute, this truth-teller is ready to contribute to the realization of a society that is more peaceful and in harmony. 

Know more about Phonetic Jawn by visiting her website and Instagram.