Rapper Akasha Rah Shows the Rap World Something Completely New

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The rap genre is generally characterized by a grating and loud tone and beat. So to hear of a rapper that has a hypnotic feel would be uncommon. That’s what makes Akasha Rah stand out as an artist. 

Akasha Auset Rah is a multi-dimensional lyricist, rapper, and artist with a new twist to the genre. Beyond her musical career, she is also certified to perform hypnosis. She merges both practices to come up with a sound that stands above the cut. Moreover, the artist has been around the world. She is originally from South Russia but has for seasons in her life lived in China and New York. These various exposures have brought about a music style influenced by various artistic, cultural approaches to her work. The artist has written and recorded tracks such as “Akasha-Tequila,” “Akasha Is Here,” and “Black Power.” 

The work of the Russian creative, however, is not just limited to music. Akasha is also highly passionate about crafts such as filmmaking, fashion, modeling, and design. She has also starred in multiple short films, including A Life of a Spy and Motion of the Ocean. She also appeared as Jones in The Legend of Bruce Lee

On top of her creative work, Akasha is also a serial entrepreneur. She owns multiple businesses, including a transdimensional entertainment platform called #NOBASICS, which Akasha created to provide a non-basic approach to the world’s social and economic issues through various media outlets. 

Another of Akasha’s successful ventures is her healing services company, Dragon’s Hollow Healing Portal, of which she is the CEO and leading hypnotherapist. The company also provides spiritual guidance to those who are looking for liberating experiences. The company helps people free their souls from external toxicities that tend to rob us of our joy.

She also runs a non-profit organization called Temple of Akasha, which she started to empower women and fight injustice and inequality toward women all across the world. The organization stands as a non-denominational religious organization that was formed to empower and inspire women all over the world. 

The fight for women’s rights is one close to the artist and entrepreneur’s heart. As a survivor of domestic abuse herself, she knows the struggles and realities of an abused human being all too well. She chooses to use her past hurts and experiences to bring freedom to others. Akasha works to bring change to countless lives, and she works with those who get caught in the cycle of pain and abuse.

Akasha is not afraid to speak her mind, and she’s out to make a positive change in other people’s lives. Because she has found her voice, she is determined to use her platform to speak up for those who feel that they do not have a voice.

As hectic as the jill of trades’ schedule can get, she is continually tending to each of her practices. She continually finds ways to balance her music, film, business ventures, and non-profit work, always flourishing in all she does.

Akasha currently resides in Los Angeles, California. To follow her work and learn more about the multi-talented artist, you can visit her website. She’s also on Facebook and Instagram.