Spencer Galbreath, a modern-day entrepreneur who turned his passion into profession with extreme hard-work and dedication


The path to being a successful businessman requires strict discipline, relentless hard work, and constant learning, and only the strongest of people survive and Galbreath is one of them.

Galbreath is a hard-working, American entrepreneur who is born and raised in Los Angeles. He specializes in marketing, branding, and advertising and is the Founder and Managing Director of Dreamers, Risk-Takers, & Innovators, Inc. (DRI Inc.), a creative lifestyle agency. He describes himself as a “dreamer, risk-taker, and innovator” who lives and breathes these qualities and applies them to his everyday life.

Galbreath defines the 7 Characteristics of a Successful Entrepreneur 1) Self-Motivation 2) Understand what to offer as an entrepreneur 3) Take Risks 4) Know How to Network 5) Basic Money Management Skills 6) Flexibility & 7) Passion.

From record labels to Fortune 500 companies Spencer knows how to keep his finger on the pulse.

Spencer has struck a strategic partnership with funny media group LLC which is a multimedia company that develops and produces high-end content for actors, comedians, & artists. Spencer was instrumental in securing funny media group a 7 figure deal for one of their comedians’ projects that’s slated for a 2021 release on a national network.

Spencer has 33 years of business experience helping companies see their ROI and take them to the next level.

His company ‘DRI inc.’ is soaring heights and attracting clients from all industries.

We can say success depends on determination, hard work, and mind-set, which has been proven by entrepreneurs like Galbreath, who always rise above all their struggles.

To know more about Galbreath visit his Instagram profile – @iamspencergalbreath or twitter – @iamspencerg.